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Best Western Plus North Shore Hotel

Pre-Arrival Info

Welcome to Best Western Plus North Shore Hotel!

We are pleased you chose to stay here with us during New England's brutal yet beautiful Winter Season! There is a new "In the Game" facility located a few miles away in Peabody, great for families, date nights, and even to catch the game and drink.

There aren't too many places that deliver past 10 pm in the area, so before settling down for the night, why not check out local restaurants sure to hit the spot?

There's Sylvan Street Grille, a popular sports bar/ pub for the locals, located two miles away.

Feeling in the mood for Seafood? How's the Clam Box or Turners Seafood, each located within a ten minute drive.

Commutes to the airport can be very busy. If your flight is before 8 am, you will be in good shape making the airport in a forty minutes. However, local traffic can dictate this number to up to an hour and a half! We recommend an Uber fare.

To experience the area to the fullest potential, drive down to Boston to check out the holiday lights, lit Christmas Tree, and shop around Quincy Market. Why not grab a cup of Chowdah while down there? Walk around and explore the science museum, and catch a Celtics or Bruins game.

There's also Encore Casino, recently opened in June 2019.

We thank you for your business and are here to ensure your stay is what you expect and more.

50 Dayton St, Danvers, MA 01923, USA

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